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Targeted email and Address label mailing marketing takes your business to the next level. We can build real-world relationships with your customers and create a solid brand that gets you noticed by your target audience. We offer several ways to take advantage of this simple and cost-effective method of email marketing, including our popular Email Campaign services.

For Direct Mailing

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Use your own mailing list (free)
Or use our list Regular price is 0.15 Cents for each address Label
NOW – 0.10 Cents for each address Label – Special Discount – Limited Time
Setup and mailing cost for the USPS, is additional
Choose how many mail pieces (Label) you need to send

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Why Using other people Lists Use your own (free)

Alternatively, Use the AAT mailing list

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20,000Special Price$2000.00Add to Cart
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Regular 0.15 Cents for each Email address Label,

NOW 0.10 Cents for each Email – Special Discount – Limited Time

Setup and E-mailing cost are additional

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There are Additional cost for the Setup and E-mailing

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There are Additional cost for the Setup and mailing

Cancellation Policy

All orders canceled before the mailing date will incur a $50 flat cancellation fee, along with $10/M running charges plus shipping. Full charges will apply to all orders canceled after the mail date.

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Our Consumer Email and Mailing Lists are routinely updated throughout the year, as new information becomes available. During these updates, old email addresses are updated or removed and new, valid email addresses are added.

We also perform one final list cleansing at the time you purchase your email and Mailing lists. This final email address verification process validates all the email addresses on your email data list. Therefore, after this validation process, your list is as accurate as possible, resulting in higher conversion rates and fewer unsubscribes.

Although we go to great lengths to frequently clean and update our databases, they will always contain a small number of undeliverable mailing addresses & emails, aliases, out-of-date information, and data errors that are beyond our control.