Our Online Marketing States Profiles November 26, 2019

US cities that have the largest Arab population? The Detroit metropolitan area is home to the largest concentration of Arab Americans (403,445), followed by the New York City Combined Statistical Area (371,233), Los Angeles (308,295), San Francisco Bay Area (250,000), Chicago (176,208), and the Washington D.C. area. California California has the largest Middle Eastern immigrant population,[…..]

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We Deserve To Be Fairly And Accurately November 26, 2019

Counted. The 2020 Census is less than one year away and will determine how the US Government allocates over $800 billion in funding – funding for Arab Americans’ access to resources, services, and programs. Because you, your family, and our community matter, join us in saying #YallaCountMeIn by pledging to fill out the Census! YALLA,[…..]

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Arab-Americans: A ‘Growing’ Community, But By How Much? November 26, 2019

By HANSI LO WANG Arab-Americans join in a traditional dance during the sixth annual Arab-American Heritage Festival in Brooklyn in 2011. Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images One-and-a-half million Americans today claim Arab ancestry, according to a new Census Bureau report. That’s less than 1 percent of the total U.S. population. Still, Maryam Asi, a demographer at the Census[…..]

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Up-to-Date Mailing List November 26, 2019

From getting a mailing list to sending off your direct mail campaign – We have it all. The US Post Office reports that 98% of us bring our mail in the day it is delivered, and 77% of us sift through it immediately. A piece of mail does not carry the threat of a computer[…..]

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